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We are permanently transferring 2,000 photos and several hundred documents to “Family Tree” within familysearch.org.

This is part of a new project by the John Marriott Historical Society to find the ORIGINAL SOURCE DOCUMENTS of our

Genealogy Records and permanently archive them in Family Tree, the LDS Church’s genealogy database. Please HELP US

By contacting: Russ Marriott marriott.russ@gmail.com 801-530-0000; Jim Marriottflranch@gmail.com 208-680-8601; or

Marylyn Crezee crezeem@q.com 801-876-3062.


We are cancelling the Johnmarriotths.org website. All records on the JMHS website are being transferred to permanent storage locations within the https://familysearch.org “Family Tree” Database. You will need to sign up for a password to use the database. A team of family members is transferring photos, stories and documents to the record of the specific person who is involved. Photos of multiple people will be attached to each individual’s record. Genealogy collections and master copies of all information on the current JMHS website will be held in a JMHS board archive in a bank safety deposit box.

PHOTOS- Of people and cities/locations- These are now being transferred to Family Tree now and we need your help with this process.

STORIES- Are being transferred to Family Tree now and we need help with this process by family members.

DOCUMENTS- Documents such as histories, biographies, memorabilia, publications, newspapers, artifacts, government church and school documents, maps, cemetery plots, city and town information, books, articles, art, poetry, music, etc. are being transferred to Family Tree, when that section of the website is completed. We need your help with this process by family members.

GENEALOGY- All COLLECTIONS will be individually archived in a board member’s safety deposit box. Family Tree is built with collaboration as a central theme, so we can work with other people who have the same family history goals as we do and want to communicate with us.

AUDIO & VIDEO- This includes copies of the above categories in audio and video format.

ACTIVITIES & PROJECTS- We have created the johnmarriotthsblogspot.com as a permanent place to find out about Marriott Family Reunions, the genealogy sourcing project and other JMHS activities and family representatives for your particular part of the family tree who can guide you to activities particular to your specific family line.

MEMBERSHIP LISTS AND ADDRESSES, ETC.- These will be moved to a Google Doc site and be available to the officers and other leaders of JMHS for administration of the organization. The privacy acts prohibit us from making this information available to everyone. However, our leaders can work with you to find people in your family who are lost and we might know how to find them, by giving that person your contact information.

QUESTIONS?? About how you can help us and about cancellation of the JMHS website and the transition process: please call Russ Marriott at 801-530-0000 or email at marriott.russ@gmail.com. For other questions, please use the “contact us” information on the new JMHS BLOG: johnmarriotthsblogspot.com

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Benefits and Features of This Web Site
Members of John Marriott Historical Society can benefit greatly from this web site:
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We invite you to take a self paced tour of our new web site by clicking on the topics: About Us, Features, GenealogyMembersat the top of the page.
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Invite Your Relatives
We also invite you to join the society, at no cost. Please share this new web site address with your relatives and send us their email addresses, so we can contact them —info@johnmarriotths.org .
Generous Contribution
We would like to acknowledge the generous contributions of the following, whose financial support has made this website one the finest family history webistes on the internet:
Phyllis and Russell Marriott Sr., J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation, Richard Marriott and Bill Marriott.

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